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We Do It All: with over 25 years experience can Do It All: You may Contact US Below for Free website Analysis, Social Media management services, keywords, backlinks, and more traffic. Just need someone to build a Blog for your business, and do regular updates for your Social Media profiles? Thinking about a new LOGO? Wondering HOW to get more people to come to your website and have them stay longer?

First you must get higher rankings on Google’s Search Engine: …#1. Quality Content Interesting to your visitors …#2. Page Load Speed …#3. 1,000s of Backlinks from other highly ranked websites …#4. Traffic, both local and international must total 1,000s daily …#5. Social Media chatter, regular updates: daily or weekly at the least.

There are 100,000 search engines and directories, you need to be listed in ALL. Remember potential customers may not be using Google; Bing and Yahoo are other major contenders you must consider. Your website must be kept updated inside and out to reach customers.

Working Hard for a Client

Your logo (need a new logo), page menu, website tag-line, add social media buttons (all styles). We do solid color, graduated color, photo background, and video headers with or without graphic overlays (always your choice, though we may make suggestions).

Setup new accounts or just new profile pages, then promote these to hundreds or thousands of websites with backlinks in your country or worldwide. Do you have a Blog? …we can build you one to drop into your present website. Do you have someone to post daily or weekly updates? Our people can provide this service at a very reasonable cost.

To promote your Weekly Sales, Recipe of the Day, Famous Quotes of the Day, NEW product Line, Announce a New Product How-To Video on Your YouTube channel.

Any size, any layout, free analysis of your website needs, What are your ideas? Who is your current hosting provider? Do you have a blog for daily or weekly updates. 

Page design checked by Yoast Pro, keywords, web search engine submission, 1,000s of backlinks make a difference in where your site will rank. Local social media traffic, worldwide traffic based on your keywords. …Are your Google rankings doing what you need?

Elementor Pro is the only page builder we use. With over 8 Million websites confirmed as designed using this software, it works. Any design you can dream up, we can design. Eye candy makes for a slower loading website, but YouTube videos used in the header makes for an eye-grabber.

GTmetrix gives a good analysis of any website, then from there we use whatever is needed to make your website load faster.

Faster hosting, cache plugin software, and CloudFlare CDN

This takes relevant content, plenty of it to keep visitors coming back. Quality backlinks from Quality websites, fast load-time, and lots of traffic. Daily or at the very least weekly Updates to the Social Media sites. Updates must pertain to you and your business.

What is your market area, this town or city, surrounding counties, across State lines. Who is your competition? How do you plan to compete? What does your business offer that is unique to your location? Home delivery for the busy and elderly?

Page design, content testing, Added Social Media platforms that are used by your potential customers. There are 525+ apps at present, which do you need?

It's my job to research what search engines are demanding for today. Google and other search providers change their requirements with little notice. Then to contact whoever is needing to make changes in clients websites. Being able to work from my home is great.
Alfred Johnson
Alfred Johnson
Media Consultant
I design custom Blogs with Profile pages for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest, and their YouTube channel, to make our client's business stand out from their competition. Make contact with the client for their weekly specials, daily recipes, etc
Mylena Cordava
Mylena Cordava
Social Media Manager
Here in Brasilia, I was able to get together with a few friends from college. Some are single, some are married and need varying hours in the office. They can work from home, stay healthy, and get the job done. My entire upstairs is our work area, using 100% solar energy.
Rauel Sanchez
Rauel Sanchez
Page Designer
In Gerolzhofen, Bavaria, we've taken our vitamins, drink Hank's coffee and Thank God not one of our close group of friends has gotten sick. Five years back, as a group, we bought an old hotel, new electric, new plumb, new windows, 100% solar power, we live here and design websites.
Adler Schmidt
Adler Schmidt
Design Shop Mgr.

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