So We do Know what we are Doing! provides complete Web Design services, WordPress site GREEN hosting on the best International system I’ve found in 25 years. Many college graduates have found having a degree only means they have Student Loans to repay. Many American Companies are hiring, but only warehouse workers, and OTR Class-A CDL truck drivers. Companies like Walmart advertise they are paying $15/hour, then to get the job you have to take $11. This will not give you enough to live on after making your student loan payments.

Restaurants are hiring, but this puts you into close proximity to people who maybe sick. Office work is in the big cities, where apartment prices are so high you’ll have to starve to keep a roof over your head. You have a car, but there is insurance, taxes, and upkeep. College grads can easily get credit cards to live on, but there are payments and up to 29% interest.

Many work from home opportunities are scams and you never get paid. You fill out the tax forms, send them pictures of yourself holding your driver’s license, a utility bill, and social security card. The check is in the mail, they open credit accounts in your name and the check never arrives.

Alex working for a Client
Putting in hours for a client
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Don’t get taken in by the offers to take surveys, if you are lucky, earn $5/day. Selling Medicare Supplement insurance, you must have a license, work from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. still wait months to get paid.

Our associates are college grads living in many countries worldwide, having gained years of expertise in their fields of endeavor. Tell us what you need, or just ask to have some of our associates analyze your current site.

If you’ve seen something on another website, send us the address, then we can tell you if it’s practical for your website. You must perform well on Google, that means lots of visitors, 1000s of backlinks, and a website that loads FAST. 3 seconds is FAST, four and five is losing customers for your business.